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Laurie Amat

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Laurie Amat is an acclaimed vocalist, improvisational performer, experimental composer and teacher. Her approach to singing is informed by broad experience including pop, rock, traditional and inventive opera, spoken word, video, dance, theatre and performance art.

Ms. Amat's talent for inspiring upcoming vocalists and other artists stems from her focus on the power of the voice as an instrument to convey a pure expression of direct human emotions and story through technique, raw talent and experimentation.

She has performed pure-voice, site-specific resonant space pieces internationally in such traditional venues as concert halls, museums and galleries, cathedrals and alternative spaces including castles, bunkers, cisterns, rivers and concrete overpasses. She is also well known for her solo and collaborative performances throughout Europe, including projects with The Residents, Czech scholar/keyboardist Mirek Vodražka and the Sad Song Singers (Deutsch Nepal and Der Blutarsch).

Her recording and performance techniques have expanded to use electronic devices as sound-altering instruments. The resulting electronic manipulation and looping of vocal sounds support the emotional element and enhances improvised solo and ensemble works.

Ms. Amat recently returned from a five-country European concert and lecture tour including multiple performances in Prague’s Alternativa Festival, at Club Eschschloraque in Berlin and Dal Verme with the Basque Cultural Society in Rome. In Prague, she also conducted her voice workshop "Listen to the Silence" and lecture workshops at the Anglo American University and Charles University ECES. Additional workshops are planned for 2012.

Her 2011 performances in the U.S. have included California NOISEFEST and LOOPFEST music festivals, New York City appearances with her improvisational group SWIRM and multiple appearances in the Outsound Series at San Francisco's Luggage Store Gallery.


Current projects include Catharsis, a multitrack soundscape and industrial vocal recording project and Ballast, an intermedia performance with spoken word and dramatic text in collaboration with director and lighting designer Jim Cave. She is also developing performances for PHASER CHORDS, Diane Douglas' program based on Ms. Amat's mentor Max Mathews' experimental PHASER FILTER system.