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Luggage Store Creative Music Series

1007 Market Street
San Francisco California   

The LSG Creative Music Series is the longest standing experimental music series in the Bay Area, with weekly Thursday night shows since 1991. Founded by LSG Gallery Directors Laurie Lazer and Darryl Smith, the series has been curated by several Bay Area musicians.

Since 2002 the Creative Music Series has been curated by Outsound Presents and local improvisers/sound artists Rent Romus and Matt Davignon. They present a wide cross section of sound artists from every experimental genre.

Thursdays 8-10pm
Admission $6-15 sliding scale
All ages welcome, no one refused for lack of funds.

The series is an artist-run, grass-roots DIY effort that relies on volunteers. Please join us in setting up chairs, curtain, lights, sound once a week, and contact Outsound Presents to get involved in marketing and project coordination.

The Luggage Store Gallery is a non-profit corporation funded by the City of San Francisco, grants, and your contributions. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, Noon to 5pm. For gallery information call 415-255-5971.

Please read the policies here. Contact Rent Romus for booking and all other inquires.

Artist-run, volunteer, grass-roots DIY effort with little money and extraordinary results
Type of Music Presented
Experimental: new sonic, improvised, noise, electronic, lowercase, avant-jazz, outrock, 21st century composition, and sonic art. See artist list below.

Weekly on Thursday Nights 8-10pm
Usually two or three acts per night
7:00pm Setup, 7:15-7:45 Sound check
8:15pm Set One (45 min)
9:15pm Set Two (45 min)
7:00pm Setup, 7:15-7:45 Sound check
8:10pm Set One (30min)
8:40pm Set Two (30 min)
9:25pm Set Three (30 min)

Booking Lead Time
Two to four months in advance
Terms & Policy
70% of door equally split between sets 30% of door goes to the Luggage Store Gallery which Outsound is not directly affiliated with. We volunteer our time and efforts to running the show. One comp admission per artist.
No Open Rehearsals: Please prepare for your concert prior to the scheduled date.
Luggage Store is an art gallery. Destructive Performance Art is not allowed as well as Power tools, or destructive devices of any type including fire or fume generators. This is a no smoking environment (includes incense and other forms of smoking).
Facility and Equipment
Visual arts gallery with simple PA (mixer and 2 speakers, 2 mic stands, 2 mics), full window film screen, window film screen (no LCD projector or interface). A few tables, 45 folding chairs and 2 music stands are available. Max Capacity 75(standing room)

Located on Market Street near Taylor 1 block from Powell Street BART station, and several San Francisco buses stop right outside. Parking is best on 6th, Taylor or Golden Gate. Stay out of alleys. Loading in by double parking on Market is sketchy. You can get ticketed. We recommended using a cart for transporting equipment so you can park, load up your cart, and trek on over to the space. Be ready for 30 stairs, there is no elevator.
Questions?, please email us

Do Not Have
Piano, projector, microphones, instrument cables, power strips
Do Not Provide
Guaranteed payment, guest passes, hotel accommodations, transportation, rehearsal space/time, or a sound person.
To Book a Gig
Check calendar for date availability.
Submit performance description with proposed dates, brief artist bios, website information and links to audio/video to Rent Romus

Past Curators/Volunteers
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Sean Rooney, Steev Hise, Scott Looney, Matt Ingalls, Damon Smith, Bob Boster, Melissa Metrick, Jon Brumit (send us a note if you presented over the past 20 years, we'd love to hear from you).

Past Performers
Over the course of its Thursday night concerts, the series has presented hundreds of artists drawn from a vanguard roster, among them Cecil Taylor, Miya Masaoka, Alan Silva, Carl Stone, Biggi Vinkeloe, Joe McPhee, Janet Feder, Peter Kowald, Henry Kaiser, Fred Frith, Gino Robair, Koji Asano, Andrea Neumann, Axel Dorner, Kitundu, Pamela Z, Wolfgang Fuchs, Amy Denio, Jason Kahn, Eddie Prevost, Karen Stackpole, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Gianni Gebbia, Karen Borca, Oluyemi Thomas, Saadet Turkoz, Yasuhiro Otani, Eddie Gale, Jim Ryan, Dina Emerson, Burton Green, Jane Rigler, Jack Wright, Assif Tsahar, CJ Reaven Borosque, Glenn Spearman, Danielle DeGruttola, Bob Marsh, Shoko Hikage, Bob Ostertag, Xome, Randy Yau, Stimbox, Kaffe Matthews and countless others both local and international.

Luggage Store Web Site

Upcoming Events:
Thursday, June 2 2016 8:00 PM
8pm: Aaron Oppenheim (electronics)
9pm: Matt Davignon (electronics) and Suki O'Kane with possibly another person

Aaron Oppenheim, is an American-Canadian Canadian-American currently based in Oakland, who improvises sounds from his laptop. His music straddles the line between noise, drone, and glitch, always emphasizing liveness and in-the-momentishness. He is a member of several bay-area ensembles including Talk More, Architect/Enchantress and GIF Problem.

Matt Davignon’s music is “fragile and gorgeous and stubbornly weird,” according to the SF Bay Guardian. He’s best known for combining drum machine and/or pre-recorded voices with a variety of electronic processing devices to create shifting layers of organic and expressive sounds. His music is inspired by field recordings, natural sound phenomena, irregular and imperfect rhythms, and psychedelic, drone and space music.

Suki O'Kane is a classically trained mallet percussionist, composer and instigator working with artists from a wide array of of music, movement and public art genres. Co-founder of the lo-fi sampling ensemble The Noodles, she plays percussion with Moe! Staiano's Moe!kestra!, Dan Plonsey's Daniel Popsicle,and is a member of Thingamajigs Performance Group with Edward Schocker, Dylan Bolles and Zachary Watkins.
Suki has performed live and recorded with She Mob and its side projects: the mad folk duo Junior Showmanship and its alter-ego speed metal Winner's Bitch. She has performed in realizations of Jon Brumit's Vendetta Retreat with Lucio Menegon in his Split Lip, Soundtrack Instumentals and Strangelet projects; with Pamela Z and Christina McPhee in their intermedia work Carbon Song Cycle and with Dohee Lee in realizations of her multidisciplinary performance and installation piece Mago.  More...

Thursday, June 9 2016 8:00 PM
8pm Jakob Pek - solo guitar & preparations
9pm Jaroba - bass clarinet/inventions

Jakob Pek is a musical artist based on the west coast of North America. A multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer, and poet; a son, brother, lover, grandchild, and friend; born in B.C., Canada, raised in Las Vegas, NV, and based in Oakland, CA.
Jakob’s deepest musical influences come from diverse realms of the musical world. On the one hand, the great finger-style guitarists of the last century have deeply inspired and guided his musical direction (Lenny Breau, Ted Green). On the other, musical artists who have pushed to the frontiers of musical exploration—the outer limits of musical perception—have also had a profound impact on Jakob’s musical life (Pauline Oliveros, Karlheinz Stockhausen).
Jakob’s creative work interweaves and synthesizes diverse realms of culture, music, language and experience so as to give life to art that expands and deepens our current capacity for imaginal perception. He has toured the west coast extensively, is a part of numerous ensembles based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is active in curating concerts in both California and Nevada. He is co-founder of the Jam at the Barn Music Festival in Blue Diamond, NV.

Jaroba (James Robert Barnes) is a Woodwind, electronics, Invented Insturments, and Photographer. Jaroba has been living in California for ten years. In that time he has worked with many great musicians and artists. Such as Vinny Golia, Philip Greenleaf, Tania Chein, Kevin Corcoran, Jorge Bachmann, Keith Cary and Tony Pasarell. As a composer who has written music film, and stage. Has been awarded by the Kennedy Center. Studied saxophone with Frank Litell, Steve Adams.

Thursday, June 16 2016 8:00 PM
8:00pm Jorge Bachman
9:00pm Botched Facelift

Jorge Bachman has been exploring the strange, unique and microcosmic sounds of everyday life, collecting field recordings. The sound atmospheres created are meant for deep listening and are composed in symbiosis with the sculptural installations. He creates equally sensual and detailed oriented photo-based work. His art explores social and sensual constructs and experiences.

Botched Facelift is a project by Dario who has been working on audio/visual installations, biofeedback/EEG hacking, spectral processing, feedback loops (data, audio/visual, anything), all manner of advanced synthesis techniques, processing of acoustic instruments (voice, sitar, saxophones) all along the lines of experimental, noise, sound art...

Thursday, June 23 2016 8:00 PM
Porpl Surpie! (Puppy Surprise open improvisation night)

Bring an instrument for some group improv! Instrumentalists will have their names drawn from a puppy surprise into quartets and quintets for short (7 minute) sets.  More...

Thursday, June 30 2016 8:00 PM
8pm Sound Underground
Jonah Udall - guitar David Leon - saxophones, Alec Aldred - trumpet
9pm Bruce Ackley, Cheryl E. Leonard

"You've got to go down in the basement and visit every note" - Wayne Shorter
These words of wisdom from the timeless saxophone legend guide the inquisitive approach this Miami-based trio takes to its unusual arrangement. Intimate and conversational, their music traverses the lengths of acoustic jazz, and beyond – blending diverse influences to create sonic textures that transcend the limits of their instrumentation.
Composed of guitarist Jonah Udall, saxophonist David Leon, and trumpeter Alec Aldred, Sound Underground was formed as a natural extension of the shared musical explorations and mutual admiration of three roommates with disparate backgrounds. They released their self-titled debut in 2014 with a tour of Eastern Europe, performing at major international jazz festivals in Bulgaria and Serbia. They have been on the rise ever since, being recognized in Downbeat magazine and touring on both sides of the U.S. – including their first appearance in California last year. Their sophomore effort, Quiet Spaces will be released this Fall.
“...a fresh sound... uncluttered and open... capable of grabbing a listener's attention and holding it indefinitely. From first note to last, this is a highly enjoyable album that leaves one thirsting for its successor.... They have a very bright future.” –  More...

Thursday, July 14 2016 8:00 PM
8:15pm Christine Richers - cello/laptop
8:50pm Collette McCaslin - percussion/electronics/trumpet
9:30pm Dan Thorpe - keyboard/electrpnics

Collette McCaslin is a San Francisco Bay Area based player of the Cornet, noisician,abstract artist, and writer.
In her youth she explored plunder-phonics as a means of expression “composing” tape works comprised of snippets of radio static, college radio and death metal.
As a teenager she was heavily influenced by her family to explore the realms of jazz, she played the saxophone at Cabrillo College. Her own interests diverged however, when she began working with guitar.Her first album "Machine" is a layered work of looping...
At some point in the last ten years she started working with analogue FX boxes and doing feedback based electronics. With that setup she has played in numerous situations. Including "Lords of Outland" where she interacts with other musicians, live, with a feedback based instrument. As well as headlining at NorCal Noise Fest many years in a row...
Later, she began playing the Cornet...which is currently her favorite instrument. She plays in Forward Energy, Lords of Outland, and various improvisational Orchestras...
She recently changed her public persona from "CJ Borosque" back to her Legal name "Collette McCaslin"

Dan Thorpe is a Performer and Composer based in Adelaide, South Australia.
Dan was born in Bradford, UK (1991). He spent his early childhood on the tiny Channel Island of Guernsey, grew up in Adelaide’s outer northern suburbs, and completed a year of his tertiary education at the University of California, Davis. His musical education has been as varied as his choice of homes, starting out as a guitarist before moving to more formal training as a classical pianist, playing clarinet and saxophone in a marching band, traditional compositional training and finally shifting into music technology.
This broad base of musical experience is reflected in a curious, experimental and genre defying compositional output linked together by a love of storytelling and sense of irreverence for existing forms. He works fairly extensively with electronic music techniques, such as remixing and “glitch” techniques. From a performance perspective, there is always a focus on collaborative, open approaches to composition that stress the importance of performers’ creative input in musical expression.  More...

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